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Black Lightning Podcast

Aug 6, 2017

Black Lightning will be coming to The CW next year as Jefferson Pierce joins the network as the latest superhero for Warner Bros. TV. Black Lightning had a big presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con where cast and producers revealed what we can expect in the first season of the series. Black Lightning Podcast/DC TV Podcasts participated in the press room for Black Lightning this year where Chris Barnes (of The Flash Podcast) chatted with the cast at the round tables to get some new details about Season 1.

One of the cast members who attended was Nafessa Williams, who will be playing Jefferson Pierce’s daughter Anissa Pierce who in the comics is known as the superhero Thunder. Throughout the round table interview, Adams teased several things that we can expect in Season 1 such as:

-Whether or not Williams has read any of the comics and if she is familiar with The Outsiders group in the comics

-If the first episode or future episodes of the show will touch upon Anissa’s sexuality from the comics

-Williams on if she was a comic book fan when she was growing up

-What it was with this television project that pulled her in

-Williams on what other superheroes or role models that she is pulling inspiration from for Anissa

Black Lightning Season 1 premieres in mid-season 2018 on The CW!

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